Thursday, May 28, 2009


It always seems as though things that go wrong happen in clusters! Why is that? I know god must have a good reason, but I wish he would let me in on it! ;). This is the first time since we have had children that I have been working full time before a MAJOR vacation! Things were going along smoothly and then May happened! First was Bryan's diabetes, then I had to have surgery(minor, but surgery none the less), then I got sick, sinus/ear infection and strep throat! There has been some drama at work that I have been dragged into and I feel like my family is traveling in 4 different directions! Now today, Eric swallowed a lego of all things...a quick call to the doctor and I felt better but GEEZ, nothing like "checking" for the lego now to make me even sicker!! I am hoping all of this means that our vacation to my favorite place on Earth Walt Disney World will be smooth, tranquil and full of family making memories! It is THIS very thought that has kept me from losing it the past few days, just 22 short days away!! So thank you lord for the strength to persevere and the support to guide me through! Come on June! :)

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  1. I know the feeling Diane, and have been there many times. You will make it through!!! Deep breaths and Disney thoughts : )